Cthulhu Haiku


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Popcorn Press’s fourth annual celebration of horror poetry, this year focused on the mythos of H. P. Lovecraft, and in particular his most famous creation, Cthulhu, the monstrous cosmic entity that lies dreaming beneath the ocean, waiting for the stars to align and free him.

Old fans of Lovecraftian tales will find here fresh visions to darkly delight. For neophytes, the collection serves as an introduction to the horripilating thrills in the work of Lovecraft and the many writers he inspired.

The anthology contains a treasure trove of verse—haiku, senryu, lunes, tanka, sijo, free verse, a sestina, sonnets, some alphabetic morph rhyme, even a lipogram—along with several great flash-fiction pieces and short stories.

126 pages

Sample Contents:

Cthulhu haiku
Such syllabic hell

—Jamieson Ridenhour


“Grim Mortality”

Upon the shores of distant lands
there rise the crags of broken heights,
where marble structures fade to sand
and life is naught but dusted lights.

It was these cliffs above the sea,
from whence I saw the brewing storms;
where chilling mists encompassed me;
and I forsook my mortal form.

Now in this maze of ancient graves
of old and older tombs of time,
there are no gods to whom to pray,
nor wicked acts of fiends malign.

Beneath these cliffs of vulturous birds
I found myself beyond the dead—
I’ve died within these lands undone,
which gods and fiends alike have fled.

I’ve seen my own unhallowed bones
rise up from depths more far than gone,
and walk away for skies unknown
to endless seek a distant dawn.

—Karl-Erik Sonvisen


pouty-lipped & gilled
their tongues like fishermen’s hooks—
kissing Innsmouth girls

—Robert Borski


on my Kindle, downloading
hell in a handheld

—Bob Wake


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