Presently Closed to Submissions

We currently have a backlog of projects waiting for attention, so we are unable to accept new submissions.

The information below is displayed only for those who wish to get a better sense of our approach to publishing.

What We’re Looking For

To better understand Popcorn Press’s publishing goals, please read “The GUP Method for Creative Writing” on our president’s blog.

Fiction and Nonfiction Submissions

Published Authors: If you are a published author with a finished manuscript that does not suit your usual publishers, we would like to talk with you. Please contact us to arrange a conversation.

Unpublished Authors: If you are an unpublished author with a finished manuscript, we suggest that you find an agent and try to place your book with a traditional publisher first. (It’s always good to have New York’s marketing power and distribution channels promoting your work.) After that, if you still want to publish via Popcorn Press, drop us a line.

Poetry Submissions

Popcorn Press is always interested in considering submissions of poetry collections. A collection should contain at least twenty poems to be considered for publication. We prefer submissions by email and can open nearly any sort of electronic document (although OPL, RTF, or DOC formats are preferred).

Standard Contracts

Popcorn Press uses a simple, standard author contract (PDF format).

Editing Policy

Popcorn Press solicits professional manuscripts that are ready for publication. As a small-press publisher with limited time, we cannot do editing or extensive proofreading corrections. However, if we reject a submission that shows promise but needs editorial work or heavy proofreading, we may reconsider that manuscript if it is resubmitted in revised form.