Invasion of the Saucer People!


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A pulp-era card game of cooperation against alien attack—for 2-4 players 

It’s the year 1999, and humankind has spread from Earth, with thriving colonies on Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The Terran Service Rockets (TSR) carry passengers and cargo among these planets. Those same ships are commissioned as the Guardian Defenders of Worlds (GDW) in case of external threat.

So far, the only dangers have been from rogue asteroids. Today, however, long-range sensors detect a fleet of alien ships approaching, capturing or destroying everything in their path. Can you and your fellow captains defend the inner planets from the Invasion of the Saucer People!

Invasion of the Saucer People is a card game for 2-4 players working together to fend off a 1950’s-style alien invasion. Each turn, a wave of saucers attacks, and the players must band together to defend against them. To fail is to lose one of the inner planets—Mercury, Venus, Earth, or Mars—to the invaders. Lose them all, and humankind faces extinction.

Fortunately, your crew cards provide special abilities that can be used in a pinch to help hold off overwhelming attacks. Also, the game is self-leveling, so that 2 players face a lesser threat than 3 players or 4 do.

Invasion of the Saucer People! sample cards

Invasion of the Saucer People is the first in a series of card games by multiple Origins-award-winning designer Lester Smith. Also see our Invasion of the Saucer People! Booster Pack for add-on cards including the Space Monkey and the Robot Sidekick, and new rules for expanding your game!

Special Thanks! Illustration of Invasion of the Saucer People was made possible by these Kickstarter backers.

All Popcorn Press card games come in a plastic band, unboxed, with rules cards included. See our note here.

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