Halloween Haiku



Come celebrate All Hallows Eve in Popcorn Press’s third annual anthology of horror poetry.

Come trick-or-treating with two dozen celebrated poets, in ninety-five haiku and related poems, plus a bonus monster card game!

Come spend the night in a haunted house of verse dedicated to the Halloween holiday. We dare you!

grave exhalations
of seventeen syllables
sure to make you gasp

Sample Contents:

“Front Porch Storyteller”

Jack-o’-lantern’s grin—
Red flame laughter—a pyre dance
Whispers to the Wind.

—Patrick T. Randolph


It’s times like this when
your ghost haunts me most:
Halloween with all its trappings.
Sam Spade’s wisdom:
the thrill’s no good
without the threat of death.
I look everywhere for your ghost,
longing for that shivering touch.
I’ve locked myself in closets, hoping,
through the hunger and thirst,
the fainting dark,
to taste some trace of you—
if only in passing.

—Lyn C. A. Gardner

Tentacles arise
from the deep,
caress the love boat.

—David Lee Summers


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