Clashing Blades!


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A fast-and-furious two-player sword-fighting duel, using a specially illustrated poker deck!

Spades count as attacks, diamonds as defenses (parries), and clubs as counters (parry/riposte combinations). Hearts are used to record damage and to inflict especially vicious wounds. Face cards and jokers form a separate “event deck,” to add swashbuckling maneuvers.

The game is based on the designer’s own experience with college fencing, flavored by a love of swashbuckler movies. Illustration is by Ray Cornwell Jr., who practices martial arts in his spare time.

Sample cards:

Clashing Blades sample cards

Clashing Blades sample cards female

Clashing Blades sample cards male

Clashing Blades sample cards other

Clashing Blades! is part of a collection of card games by multiple Origins-award-winning designer Lester Smith.

Special Thanks! Illustration of Clashing Blades! was made possible by these Kickstarter backers.

All Popcorn Press card games come in a plastic band, unboxed, with rules cards included. See our note here.

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