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Popcorn Press is a part-time, family-owned micropublishing house established in 2006 and located in southern Wisconsin. We are devoted to publishing books and games that are "Genuine, Unique, and Polished."



Poetry: We believe that sometime in the early 20th century, academics stole poetry from the mass of humanity. Our aim is to help steal it back. 
Prose: We publish fiction and nonfiction projects that larger, more traditional houses would not consider. (Authors: Visit our Submissions Page for more information.)
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You can now find our ever-growing line of card games—including the family-friendly Invasion of the Saucer People, the tongue-in-cheek Monster Con series, the cut-throat Wolf Man's Curse! and the brand-new Clashing Blades! game—right here on the Popcorn Press Web site! 



Visit our Spreadshirt shop ( for a growing list of fun products bearing Popcorn Press art and logos!


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